The success of the AYDRESS project relies on strong collaboration with the partners. This project is more than promoting sustainability; it is about building a movement for environmental care through community involvement.

Whitesock srl

Is a startup based in Toscana, Italy specialized in the design and development of applied games, which are games conceived for a specific purpose other than entertainment. Whitesock has developed and Applied Games in the social, ecological, cultural, and scientific fields.


YYouth is a non profit organisation based in Oslo, Norway focused on the empowerment of youth. YYouth main goal is to facilitate the professional and personal development of youngsters, promoting community engagement, diversity and inclusion. YYouth brings a diverse collection of expertise enabling them to make a social impact in the communities.

Institute For Sustainable Society and Innovation

Is an independent research institute based in Campania, Italy. ISSNOVA occupies itself with facilitating and promoting evidence based design practices, planning and policy making for sustainable growth.

Academy for Innovation and Technology K&K

Is a training center based in Talinn, Estonia. Academy K&K provides a large variety of different services. Their mission is to offer the latest, comprehensive and recognised digital solutions and innovations, by integrating best practices from all around the world especially in the field of Crisis Management and Health..

KC Kompetenscenter Idéburen sector

Is NGO based in Malmö, Sweden. KC Kompetenscenter Idéburen aims to create a new layer of young people in Europe with liberal ideas, ready to work for the welfare of the people of their country and cooperate in the spirit of tolerance and partnership with other nations and especially within EU.


Is a NGO based in Zaragoza, Spain. The organisation works to improve the lives of youth, migrants, disadvantaged and vulnerable people through training, consultancy, and education. Instituto Ikigai specialises in entrepreneurship, leadership, and offering creative training and networking opportunities and solutions.