Why we want to help?

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods cause wiseapres damage and disruption to communities. Especially since their occurrences and exact impact remains can be challenging. This inspired POMPIERS DE L’URGENCE INTERNATIONALE (International Emergency Firefighters) an international solidarity association to dedicate itself to providing rescue assistance to vulnerable populations after natural disasters. The association is made up of rescue professionals and international experience of crisis situations. All NGO members intervene on a voluntary basis and can be swiftly mobilised to act effectively.

Why we want to help?

What do we aim to do?

Our main objective is to empower, train, connect, and involve young people as active disaster workers and rescuers.


Raise awareness of climate change protection and promote transition towards active engagement.

Youth Empowerment

Improve skills, self-confidence, and opportunities of young relief workers.

Fight against nature

Actively combat natural disasters and climate change through local initiatives.

Spread the message

Encourage dialogue and initiatives among EU communities.


About the project

We at POMPIERS DE L’URGENCE INTERNATIONALE want to engage, connect and empower young people on the topic of the environment, combating climate change and the negative impacts of disasters caused by extreme weather phenomena, which pose risks to nature, buildings, infrastructure and human health. AYDRESS project aims to promote youth participation in various scales and formats and to support civic engagement and volunteering that can make a big difference in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The general objective of AYDRESS is to increase the resilience of society to climate disasters through the active citizenship of the younger generation (active role in disaster preparedness and response) to support young people as vulnerable citizens and other socio-economically vulnerable groups in which young people will act as leading citizens.

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